“Mentoring Network for Facilitating Access to Upskilling Pathways”

MENNET will increase participation in lifelong learning by low-skilled adults and adults with fewer opportunities and improve their skills, which will contribute to greater and easier integration into society.

The MENNET project targets adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and competencies. The achievement of the project objectives will be achieved by providing education and training in appropriate learning environments where qualified teachers and trainers apply adult-specific teaching methods and exploit the potential of digital learning.

Based on the results of the needs analysis in the national context of the partner countries and the EU, the project addresses the identified needs, such as the development of an assessment model, the training program and the mentoring network for the development of skills of low-skilled adults and adults with fewer opportunities.

Project objectives:

  1. Assess the level of low-skilled adults and adults with fewer opportunities, in terms of their writing, reading, numeracy and computer skills;
  2. Encourage the continued development of low-skilled adults and adults with fewer opportunities through the use of innovative educational models; by creating training programs with sub-modules for their reading, writing, numeracy and computer skills use.
  3. Create a tutoring platform for the improvement of reading, writing, numeracy and use of computer skills.
Project details

Programme: ERASMUS+

Duration: 01/09/2018-28/02/2020

Grant: 181.500 €

Web page: